Game Capturing

The team is  professionally and well equipped for game capturing in all kinds of habitat.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • Various types of nets and capture equipment
  • All medical equipment and supplies to ensure a stress free capture, transportation and release of game
  • A professional team of between 40 and 50 dedicated staff, skilled in the capture of game.
  • Two Robinson R22 Helicopters (Flown by Professional Commercial Pilots)
  • A veterinarian if and when necessary
  • Specialized vehicles for field work
  • Specialized vehicles for SAND environments

Our average catch per year is 8’000 head of game.

Projects in South Africa  include work in the FreeState, North West Province, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape.

Due to the many projects in the Kalahari, we have specialized vehicles for sandy conditions.   Our team is also “Kalahari Specialized” and over the years we have honed our skills with regards Gemsbok and Springbuck capture.

Our major concern when starting a project is the welfare of the animals.  We therefore work as fast and thoroughly as possible in order to minimize stress and trauma.  Our whole modus operandi is based on this philosophy.

We capture Plains Game as well as Exotic Game.  The animals we work with include Springbuck ( Kalahari, White, Black, Copper), Blesbuck, White Bleskbuck, Bontebok, Grey Rhebuck (Vaal Ribbok), Mountain Reedbuck (Rooi Ribbok), Common Reedbuck (Rietbok), Cape Grysbok, Bushbuck, Steenbuck, Duiker, Gemsbuck, Blue wildebeest, Black wildebeest, Redhartebeest, Tsessebe, Zebra, Kudu, Waterbuck, Cape Eland, Livingston Eland, Lechwe, Fallow Deer, Nyala, Giraffe, Rhino, Buffalo, Caracal, Wild boar,  Roan, Sable  and many more!

Every GAME CAPTURE is a pleasure, privilege and challenge, with which we approach with a positive attitude.